Dominion Appliances holds the right, to limit / deny returns of any item if it is found to be damaged in any form after being accepted by the buyer.

For all returning items that has a complaint of dents/ Scratches/ damages, must be approved by the manager of Dominion Appliances & Gift Shop.

Upon delivery, all items will and must be checked by a representative from Dominion Appliances in the presents of the buyer / customer.

All request for returns are subjected to be inspected by a representative from Dominion Appliances

All items that have been misused that voids the warranty will not be accepted by Dominion Appliances (See warranty policy)

Items that have been scratched/ damaged / dented/ discoloured by the use of harsh chemicals that aren’t mentioned as safe to use in the user’s manual, will not the accepted by Dominion Appliances.   

Items to be returned must be done within 7 days of the purchased date. If the customer fails to return the item within the said time period, they are subject to the discretion of the manager of Dominion Appliances.