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  • Oster Cordless Steam Iron - Black

    Oster Cordless Steam Iron – Black


    Introducing the Oster Cordless Steam Iron, the perfect tool for fast, efficient ironing. With or without a cable, this iron offers maximum freedom of movement and indicator light with various functions that make ironing easier.

    The ceramic-coated soleplate provides better uniform heat distribution and optimal glide, allowing you to iron your garments faster and with better fabric protection. The steam boost, variable steam, and vertical steam features make ironing faster and easier.

    The inorganic ceramic base is resistant to corrosion and abrasion, offering high durability for a long life of use. Get the Oster Cordless Steam Iron and experience the ultimate convenience in ironing.

  • Oster Digital 4L Air Fryer - Black

    Oster Digital 4L Air Fryer – Black


    The versatile new Digital Air Fryer offers benefits, starting with its spacious 4-liter nonstick coated basket that allows you to cook a variety of meals for the family. It has 7 pre-set digital functions with the option to cook meat, chicken, fish, seafood, potatoes, vegetables, and desserts. Its coating is 4 times more durable and easier to clean so you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying yourself with the family!

  • Oster 10 Speed Blender (White)

    Oster 10 Speed Blender – White


    Powerful 10 Speed Motor with a 5 cup Glass Jar and 375 Watt Motor.

  • Oster Rapid Multi Cooker - Stainless Steel

    Oster Rapid Multi Cooker – Stainless Steel


    Introducing the Oster Rapid Multi Cooker, your go-to kitchen appliance for fast and efficient cooking. Designed for versatility and ease of use, this electric cooker allows you to prepare a wide range of dishes, from tender meats to perfectly sautéed vegetables, all while saving time and energy.

    Upgrade your cooking experience with the Oster Rapid Multi Cooker. Its advanced pressure cooking technology and user-friendly features make it the perfect addition to any modern kitchen. Save time, and energy, and create mouthwatering meals with this innovative multi cooker.

  • Oster Electric Kettle 1.7L - Black

    Oster Electric Kettle 1.7L – Black


    The thermal kettle makes it easier to prepare tea, coffee or mate, and can also be used to prepare other foods that require water at a certain temperature.

  • Oster Citrus Juicer - White

    Oster Citrus Juicer – White


    Start your day on a healthy note by having fresh juices prepared in an instant using efficient and reliable juicers available on our website. Easy to use, these juicers are safe to handle.

  • Oster 2spd Blender, 5 cup Rotary blender 550w - Black

    Oster 2spd Blender, 5 Cup Rotary Blender 550w – Black


    The powerful motor with high torque and Boroclass refractory glass tumbler in the Oster Knob Speed ??Control Blender are ideal for preparing a wide variety of hot and cold recipes, juices, smoothies, and more.

  • Oster Xpert Series Blender


    It’s like having a personal nutrition centre at home. With the Oster® Xpert Series ™ Nutrition System, you can get a texture twice as creamy in your preparations in less time. Includes two cups with BPA-free, odour resistant.

  • Oster Variable Steam Iron - Black

    Oster Variable Steam Iron – Black


    Oster brings you a new iron that will help to make the task of ironing faster because it is light and has variable steam for different types of fabrics, fine spray button that facilitates the task of ironing. It has the function of spray to moisten wrinkles difficult, with its selector of fabrics you can adjust the temperature of your iron according to the type of fabric, with a self-cleaning function which allows prolonging the life of the iron avoiding the accumulation of residues that covers the steam outlet holes of the iron. Its handle is rigid and ergonomic, with indicator lights to identify the condition of the iron, its cable rotates 360 ° facilitating the manoeuvre of the iron and resting heel to place the iron.

  • Oster 1.7 L Electric Kettle - Stainless Steel

    Oster 1.7 L Electric Kettle – Stainless Steel


    Complement your kitchen with this counter-worthy electric kettle to quickly boil hot water. Convenient for everyday use and easy entertaining. Designed with rotating base to easily grasp handle and serve with style. With auto shut-off.

  • Oster Contemporary Beehive Blender

    Oster Contemporary Beehive Blender 4128 – Rose Gold


    With sleek modern styling and a powerful 500-watt motor, this efficient countertop appliance works great for whipping up smoothies, mixing frozen drinks, blending pureed soups, stirring up salsas, and more. The blender?s easy toggle speed control provides continuous, smooth blending or a pulse option for precisely chopped food.

  • Oster Steel Iron With Ceramic Bottom GCSTSP6204

    Oster Steel Iron With Ceramic Bottom GCSTSP6204 – Silver and Black


    Sleek and modern steam iron with ceramic soleplate and silver finish design. This iron allows you to easily create that fresh-pressed look.