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Who we are

Defining Excellence in Every Detail.

Dominion Appliances & Gift Shop is more than a retailer. We’re your trusted partner in delivering quality appliances and gifts, curated with precision and passion. Experience the Dominion difference.

Our History

Journeying Through Time.

From humble beginnings in 2011, Dominion Appliances & Gift Shop embarked on a mission to deliver unparalleled quality in home appliances and gifts. What started as a singular vision to enhance households with premium products soon grew, solidifying our reputation as a brand that stands for excellence.

As the chapters of our history unfolded, we’ve expanded our offerings and continuously redefined customer experiences. We’ve stuck to our core values and made sure that each interaction reflects Dominion’s dedication to excellence in both product and service.

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Opening store

Dominion’s maiden voyage begins with our first store.


Expanded & Redesign Store

Expanded and redesign store to offer a wider selection of appliances.


Launch Website & New Showroom

Embracing the digital age with our new online presence while showcasing a realm of top-tier appliances in our expanded large appliance showroom.


Delivery Vehicle Purchased

Enhancing our service, ensuring timely and secure deliveries to our valued customers.

Our Values

Driving Our Dedication Forward

At the heart of Dominion Appliances & Gift Shop lie values that resonate through every product, every service, and every interaction.


Dominion Appliances & Gift Shop will lead in creating a customer-focused environment while efficiently and competitively supplying a wide variety of appliances and gift items with the utmost quality at an affordable price.


Dominion Appliances & Gift Shop will provide its customers with high quality appliances and gift items at an affordable price while ensuring that every visit or online purchase is received with a customer friendly experience.

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Message from our Managing Director

To our esteemed Dominion family,

Every time I enter Dominion Appliances & Gift Shop, I am reminded of the duty we have to provide you with the best possible service. Customer satisfaction has always been a priority in my business philosophy. Whether you enter our store or explore our online selection, you can count on a friendly smile and prompt service as a sign of our dedication to you. 

Quality is demonstrated in our service, enthusiasm, and dedication in addition to the actual goods we sell. Rest confident that as we move forward, our goal is—and always will be—to make sure you “Experience Quality Like Never Before.”

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Noren Joseph

Managing Director

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